Sauces That Are Out of This World

 Making your life easier and tasty  had never being this fantastic. Try our delicious ‘Meals Saucer’ Jollof Sauce that will get you even faster in Senegal, Ghana or Nigeria on each bite. You can now prepare and enjoy your classic Jollof rice in a minute, anytime.

‘Meals Saucer’ brand’s Jollof Sauce is lengthily cooked from a perfect balanced blend of fresh peppers, onions, ginger and various other selected spices.

‘Meals Saucer’ Jollof sauce makes it easy to prepare a perfect Jollof rice each time.

Jollof rice is a legendary one-pot dish that’s ubiquitous in Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Togo, and Sierra Leone.

In fact, this is the most popular party food in West Africa and has been gaining momentum elsewhere in East Africa, England and North America.


  • Made with fresh peppers 
  • Customizable recipe
  • No preservatives

The diversity of African Cuisine for you to experience!